Participation in:

  • Pollution of Closed Seas, Conference at T.E.I., Thessaloniki, Greece, 1993;
  • 40th Symposium of the Mining Faculty, Technical University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 1993;
  • Programme TEMPUS 93-95; Seminar on Natural and Man-Made Radioactivity, Sinaia, Romania, 1994;
  • NATO ARW: Biotechnologies for Radioactive and Toxic Wastes, Management and Side Restoration, November, Mol, Belgium,1994.;
  • 15th Mining Congress of Turkey, Ankara, Turkey 1997;
  • Project NATO SfP - 973739 - Dynamics, evolution and limitation of heavy metal water pollution in the Plovdiv region (Bulgaria), 2001-2004;
  • X Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, Varna, 2003;
  • XXIII International Mineral Processing Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006.


  • Bulgarian Institute for Standardization
  • National Ecological Club of Bulgaria

    Last update: 25 June 2007