The modern LA-ICP-MS Lab at the Geological Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria offers analytical services to scientific and industrial institutions, giving priority to young scientists (students, PhD and Post-Doc) developing their career in the field of Geochemistry, Petrology, Mineralogy and Economic Geology in European Scientific Institutions and private companies.

REE zircon

REE in zircon
zircon U-Pb dating

In situ U-Pb dating of zircons

LA-ICP-MS is mostly used for obtaining in situ precise chemical information for trace element distribution in solid materials (geological, biological, archaeological, etc.). The laser beam can analyze spots from 10 microns to 150 microns. Scans across sections can be run on a programmed grid pattern as well. A number of elements with nine order of concentration can be scanned at the same time.

Some applications of this equipment are:
- Analysis of trace and major elements in rocks and minerals;
- In situ U-Pb dating of zircons from rim to core;
- Analysis of melt inclusions in minerals and volcanic glass;
- Evaluation of impurities in metal samples;
- Rare earth elements scan in minerals and rocks;
- Forensic analysis of plastics, ceramics, paint and glass;
- Element tracing of archaeological artifacts; etc.
UPb dating

In situ U-Pb dating of zircons
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