Scientific projects:


  • "Decreasing of water levels in malm-valanginian aquifer and prognosis for it's behavior as a condition for rational utilization of water resources" - in the frames of Ministry of Education and Science - 2005 - 2006
  • "Hydrogeological conditions and evaluation of possible impact of stone-pit - cement factory "Titan" on "Zlatna Panega" spring - 2006
  • "Spatial clarification of karst caverns situation in east part of cement factory "Titan" site" - 2006
  • "Development of methodological instructions for groundwater resource estimation and connection between surface waters and groundwaters, according to framework directive for waters - 2000/60/EU - 2006
  • Hydrogeologcal research for evaluation of hydrogeological conditions in open pit "Elatzite" - 2006
  • Water source monitoring for the needs of "Kumerio - Med" company - 2006


  • Research Fund for Coal and Steel Project No: RFCR-CT-2010-00003& Study of Deep Underground Coal Gasification and the Permanent Storage of CO2 in the Affected Areas 2010-212
  • "Evolving free sustainable development of groundwater resources" - Hiderabad, India -2004 - 2006
  • "Groundwater protection improvement in Bulgaria" - contract with Flemish Government of Belgium - 2005 - 2007
  • Seizmo-hydrogeological vulnerability of the environment and society of Balkan region - UNESCO
  • Institutional strengthening of water management for framework directive application - Danube river basin -BG031B-EN02 - Bulgaria, Gergmany
  • Redevelopment of European mining areas into sustainable communities by integrating supply and demand site based on low energy principles - 6 th Framework project 2007-2012
  • Mapping of subsurface geo-electric structure to assess geothermal potential of Bulgaria using magneto-telluric studies (2005-2008) NGRI, Hyderabad, India and Geophysical Institute, BAS
  • Active tectonics and fluid geochemistry in the area of Krupnik 1904 earthquake, Southern Bulgaria - EBR Itally
  • Evaluation and mapping of groundwater resources and their contamination vulnerability (examples with river basins in Bulgaria and Russia) - EBR Russia

    Last update: 2 August 2012