Department of Geotectonics and Regional Geology

Head of the Department:

Res.Professor Ivan Zagorchev, D.Sc. Coresp. Member BAS

Scientific staff:
Res.Prof. Ivan Zagorchev, D.Sc. Coresp.Member BAS
Res.Prof. Christo Dabovski, D.Sc. Coresp.Member BAS
Assoc.Prof. Mitko Paskalev, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Jordan Maliakov, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Radoslav Nakov, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Vladimir Georgiev, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Emil Vasilev, Ph.D.
Hristo Kiselinov Ph.D. Student
Former scientific staff members:

Prof. Ekim Bonchev, Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
(founder of the Department; Head of the Department from 1946 to 1986; deceased, 16.01.1992)
Julija Karagjuleva, Res. Prof. (Head of the Department from 1987 to 1990; retired)
Ivan Haydutov, Res.Professor, D.Sc.(Head of the Department from 1990 to 2001; retired)
Aleksandra Harkovska, Res.Professor, D.Sc. (retired)
Prof. Tzanko Tzankov, D.Sc. (retired)
Petar Gochev, Res.Professor, Ph.D. (deceased, 24.10.1994)
Vasil Vuchev, Res.Professor, D.Sc. (deceased, 02.11.2001)
Ivan Bojanov, Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. (deceased, 29.07.2003)
Vasil Kostadinov, Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. (deceased, 03.06.1992)
Sava Savov, Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. (retired)
Sava Stoyanov, Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. (retired)
Boyan Vrablianski, Res. Associate, Ph.D. (retired)
Zhivko Ivanov, Res. Associate, Ph.D. (since 1969 at the University of Sofia; professor, retired)
Ivan Batandzhiev, Res. Associate, Ph.D. (retired)
Stefan Shanov, Res. Professor, D.Sc. (now - Head of the Laboratory of Neotectonics and Seismotectonics)
Margarita Matova (Assoc.Prof.; now - at the Laboratory of Neotectonics and Seismotectonics)

Scientific fields:
Some important projects:
Co-operation, consultations and special studies in the fields of: of geodynamics, geotectonics and structural geology of the Balkan Peninsula and SE Europe; co-operation in the theoretical aspects of structural analysis.

Last update 22.06.2006
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